We are pleased to inform you that a new ship unloading system was successfully tested by a major foreign company.

The customer’s requirements included:
– the possibility of unloading the ship as quickly as possible;
– the ability to stock the various materials inside the store;
– 25 metres distance between the supports inside the store;
– the possibility of taking better advantage of the available spaces;
– the inclusion of efficient rail and rubber belt cleaning systems.


F.lli Tommasini srl, in collaboration with its foreign partner, was able to design the solution that best satisfies these requirements. The project has been fully approved by the customer and is described below:

– hourly conveyor production capacity: 800 t/h;
– use of a wheeled mobile system;
– metallic lattice structures designed to be self-supporting for 25 m., taking into account the continuous passage of the tripper;
– installation of a mobile tripper and a by-pass;
– Use of primary and secondary scrapers for cleaning the belts and special systems fastened to the wheels for cleaning the tracks.

Both conveyors, installed at a 90° angle with respect to one another, are installed on motorized wheels in order to allow them to be moved simultaneously along the bench. The tripper or mobile carriage is likewise motorized in order to allow for material to be unloaded at various points throughout the stockpiling area. A switch or by-pass, controlled by electric cylinder, is located at the end of the tripper. This allows for material to be unloaded from one side or the other, thereby increasing the storage area.
These various movement possibilities allow the customer to optimize the available storage space.

In order to ensure maximum reliability, the conveyors were built using state-of-the-art construction systems, as well as the best products currently available on the market for each area of application.
Our sales team would like to thank you for your kind attention and remains at your complete disposal for any additional technical and/or commercial information you may require.

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