Inclined belt conveyors

Inclined belt conveyors
The inclined belt conveyor is used to transfer the aggregate to the most diverse points within the plant.
trasportatori a nastro inclinati in cantiere
trasportatore a nastro inclinato cantiere
trasportatori a nasto inclinati ghiaia
trasportatore a nastro inclinato cantiere
The inclined belt conveyors can be made in multiple versions and equipped with the most varied accessories for special applications.
In this video we are at a plant with conveyor belt complete with hopper for direct loading of the truck without product spillage.
In this video the idlers are protected by protective plates (instead of protective nets) to offer greater safety in compliance with current regulations.
We are in the pipeline, we see the final assembly of an inclined belt conveyor in its pre-assembled parts.
Here is an inclined belt conveyor pre-assembled in our dedicated department in the company and ready for shipment.
Detail of the drive pulley head with ceramic coating (it improves the friction between the belt and the pulley, greatly reducing the risk of slipping).
The lower cover suitable for the recovery of the return material is highlighted, also having the function of protection within the construction site.