F.lli Tommasini

F.lli Tommasini has been manufacturing belt conveyors since 1968.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, to an organization capable of providing its own production that is very valid both for the materials used and for the technologies, to the seriousness with which it has always followed its customers, F.lli Tommasini is placed in a position of absolute importance among the manufacturers of belt conveyors, for the transport of aggregates, becoming now the main supplier of this product of the most important industries in the Italian and European construction-industrial machinery sector.
We have always followed with particular attention the concrete mixing, crushing, mining, tunneling and composting plants.. We are still in close collaboration with those who daily use belt conveyors, each of them with different problems and needs, and all this has given us the opportunity to expand our knowledge.
We therefore believe we can be, in addition to being a common supplier of conveyor belts and elevator belts, a valid support for our customer, with whom we try to establish a relationship of authentic and serious collaboration for mutual success.
An aspect not to be overlooked is that of safety. Fratelli Tommasini belt conveyors are supplied with the safety devices prescribed by directive 2006/42/CE.
For this purpose, upon delivery of the belt conveyor, the corresponding declaration of incorporation and related user and maintenance manual are issued. The photographs of our products on the site illustrate the most commonly used types of belt conveyors.

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